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New bundles & reviews

07/10/2014 | XenoBiotic Records recently released 2 new bundles: "Full Of Empty & Monitoring" for €15 and "Metarail & Psychologenfutter" for €7. Also, the first review for "Full Of Empty" has been published. Dark Entries says 8 out of 10, we say thanks! There's only a German translation of it but there should be a couple of English reviews soon.

Out now: Leisure Suit Leo 2 Deluxe

07/23/2014 | Out Of Order Softworks, a C64 group I'm a (longtime) member of, recently released a classic graphic adventure game called "Leisure Suit Leo 2 (Deluxe Edition)". If you like weird and funny games then Leo 2 definitely is for you. I made a little trailer for it; you can watch it here. At the moment, only the digital download version is available but new boxes are on their way.. Stay tuned.

New videos: Keine Angst/FoE Album Mix

04/25/2014 | Two new videos have been produced: "Keine Angst" and "Full Of Empty (Album Mix)". "Keine Angst" features scenes from "The Night of the Living Dead", "FoE Album Mix" introduces all tracks of our new album. Pick up your digital copy here.

Live interview online now!

05/10/2014 | Marco Kautz of Classic Videogames Radio interviewed Alex on May 4th. With a length of almost 70 minutes, it probably can be considered an XXL interview. You can watch it here (German with English subtitles). Alex was talking about retro computing and our new album "Full Of Empty".

Full Of Empty released!

04/15/2014 | Finally, our new album "Full Of Empty" has been released. You can listen to all tracks here and buy the album at Bandcamp... Only! We really couldn't think of any reason why to sell it through Amazon, iTunes etc, as Bandcamp has it all. You don't even have to register there, plus you can choose between several formats - like FLAC, WAV and MP3. Many thanks to all who supported us or will support us by buying this album! Please remember: no money, no art. Enjoy "Full Of Empty".

Welcome | Willkommen

TAXIM is a dark electro and experimental project from Essen, Germany. It was founded in 1996. From the very beginning, we've mainly released instrumental music, because ordinary song structures usually bore us. TAXIM has five official releases. All in all, we released nine albums, three EPs and five singles - with no end in sight.

TAXIM ist ein Dark Electro und Experimental-Projekt aus Essen, Deutschland. Es wurde 1996 gegründet. Seit den Anfängen veröffentlichen wir hauptsächlich Instrumentalmusik, da uns gewöhnliche Songstrukturen in der Regel langweilen. TAXIM hat fünf offizielle Platten. Insgesamt haben wir neun Alben, drei EPs und fünf Singles veröffentlicht - und es ist kein Ende in Sicht.

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